Plant Manager, Production, Planning and Control

Does this sound familiar?

How do I ensure that my
machines are optimally used?

How can I get each operator's

When there is unscheduled downtime,
what will be new delivery date?

We have a new order,
when can we deliver it?

Can I get
today's schedule?


Plant Manager Cloud Based Applications

Cloud Based Application

  • Visibility on every scheduled process

  • Real-time reports

  • Optimally utilized resources

  • Accurate data from shop floor

  • Finite capacity planning and scheduling

Plant Manager Mobile App

Mobile Application

  • Production data entry

  • Daily schedule report

  • Order status report

  • Detailed order report

To know more about Product Planning and Control Click on any of these links below

1 Plant Manager Brochure

Click the below link to download the brochure in PDF format

3 Plant Manager Reference Document

Click the below link to download the Plant Manager Reference Document

2 Video

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Click the below link to download Plant Manager Presentation

5 Demo Video

PPC Demo video, click here for more detailed
"do it yourself" videos

Plant Manager offers finite capacity planning and scheduling capability. It helps to manage resources optimally and keep operating costs down.


manage resources

Managing your resources optimally and keep operating cost down

plan & schedule

Plan & schedule using different priority sequencing rules


Control your in-house and outsourced production schedule


Have greater visibility over day to day manufacturing processes

On-time deliveries

Manage on-time deliveries to the customers


Generate Production, OEE, Rejection, Rework, and Schedule reports

flexible solution

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly

Plant Manager allows you to forecast, plan, optimise and execute customer orders. Have greater visibility and control over manufacturing processes.

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