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The Company

The promoters of our company are focused on empowering the Manufacturing Industry with innovative solutions. Our chosen field is to implement our solution on the shop-floor of manufacturing companies through the use of Plant Manager, our Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. It took us 4 years of in-house development to bring out Plant Manager - a cloud-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling software for the manufacturing industry. Today, the solution is implemented at 15 manufacturing plants and have significantly contributed to improving the performance of these plants in terms of productivity and achieving OTD. We aim to have Plant Manager software solution implemented at every manufacturing facility across the world, to help them increase shop-floor productivity and thereby reducing costs.

The Team

CEO - Niraj M. Wanikar

Niraj is an expert in CAD, CAM, CAE, CNC and Inspection Technologies. With his vast experience as a sales and marketing professional in the manufacturing industry, Niraj envisioned himself as an entrepreneur and successfully lead a team of engineers for product design and validation for the Plant Manager software.

Niraj graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Nagpur University in the year 1994 and did his MBA from the University of Pune in 1997. Niraj is promoting CNCTimes and Plant Manager with a vision of creating a platform to resolve pain areas of the engineering community in their day-to-day working. The aim is to bring down the learning curve of practicing engineers considerably.

On a personal note, Niraj is an avid reader and a wildlife enthusiast and photographer.

The People

Harshad Deshpande

Product Head

Mihir Abhyankar

Sales Head

Ranjeet Kadam

Team Lead (Development)

Anuja Bhanavase

Team Lead (Testing)